Some time our computer will be lost and we have more impotent file or any important project  in our computer so how we should save or secure our project? i want to show you how to lock the computer drive with the help of Bitlocker.

let’s go to start

first of all go to control panel (windows+ x then p) next click Bitlocker drive encryption then bitlocker page will be open.


now choose one of this that you want, c:bitlocker off  or

I want to choose the second (, then click on turn on bitlcoker ok now wait til to open the next page.2

First click on use a password unlock the drive and type your password and repeid reenter your password ok now click on next.3

Now we have 3 place for save the password choose just one of them.

I want to choose save to a file ,because I want to save in my computer not to save in my Microsoft account so click on next .4

Choose how much of your drive to encrypt, the first we must to choose

Encrypt used disk spice only, then click on next.5

See encryption is starting please wait for a short time encryption will be finish.6

till the time bitlocker drive encryption is encrypting .OK7

Ya the encryption have  been finished, and now restart your computer then check that you locked, Ok let’s go to restart the computer and come back .8

I want to check that drive when I locked. go to This PC and open the drives9

Wow! Yea really that is right. If you want to unlock type you password then click on unlock your folder will be open, now with the help of bitlockr  your project and folder is secure

If you want see clearly so pleas watch the video .

I wish success for you dear.