Us you know we have many way to partition a hard drive, but I want to show you the simple way for partition a hard drive on windows 10, it means some time you don’t have more then one drive, that you want to make a new drive and you want put any personal file or folder in your drive then you will be lock it, so how you can make a new drive in your computer ?

ok let’s go to start the partition of hard drive in windows 10.

How To Partition A Hard Drive

Desktop Background

First of all right click on This PC and choose the manage the next page will be open .1pic Computer Management Page

OK  Now choose the disk management and double click on disk management the next page will be open.pic2


Yea successfully the page is opened. Now go to c: drive then right click move your mouse on shrink volume… then click on shrink volume the next page.pic3

Now click on enter the amount of space to shrink in MB, for example I want to give “1000” MB for my drive you can give more then this, next click on shrink see like this pic.pic4

The drive have been make successfully . now go to new drive and right click then choose the new simple volume the next page will be open.pic5

New Simple Volume Wizard

it is the welcome window for new simple volume wizard it means welcome to new drive.pic6

Now choose simple volume size in MB for new drive, maximum  and minimum size, for example I want to choose “ 999 ” MB you can choose any other number.pic7

Now select one of your favorite  word for assign drive litter or path like this pic and click on next.pic8

Ok first select format  this volume whit the following sitting, then choose the name of your drive and click on next.pic9

Ya now the drive will be completing, see completing the new simple volume wizard  then click finish.pic10

New Drive

Now go to The PC then open the new drive that is right or rung , oK let’s go see techbal(L) is the new drive.pic11

Wow! Successfully that is right and you have done, now you can use this drive as well.

I wish success for you if you want to know clearly pleas watch the video it is bitter.

By: lutfullah moqadam