What is website?

With the help of website we can distribute our idea and the all of things and we can improve our business as well, but unfortunately many of peoples can not pay for register domain name of website, so

Us you know There are many ways to create a free website, but now I want to show you how to create free website using weebly.com. so let’s go to start making a free website.

First of all go to google.com then type weebly.com and search.*web pic1



Now we found the page of weebly site and click the sign up, the Next page will be open for you.*web pic2


Sing Up

yah now you must type your name, then your Email address and the password of your Email address next click sign up free.*web pic3

What’s the focus your website

So now the next page will be open and weebly will ask you what’s the focus of your site blog site or store?

you must to choose site.*web pic4

Ok click the choose theme we have a lot of themes hear and you should choose a simple and clear them if you do not have them your site is not comfortable.*web pic5

Choose Your Domain Name

1 Now we are making a free website, so let’s go use domain of weebly it will be your free domain a part of weebly and the first one is free.

2 If you want to register a new domain name, you need to register of a domain name and you need to pay some money .it is for second one.

3 Or if you already want a domain name that you purchased you can add it is for third.

Choose the first one and type your domain name that you want then click on continue*web pic6

Change domain and logo

You have been choose a theme, so with the help of theme you can save your domain name like this and you can change your website logo if you want.*web pic7

See it have been change the logo, now click on publish your logo and name will be change .*web pic8

Publish site

Now Weebly send to you a small cod abut publish your site, if you want to publish type your cod then click on publish my site.*web pic9

Ok now choose one of them education, organization, personal or… after choosing click on save*web pic10

Wow! Congratulations dear now you have done a website, see it is profile of website, go to start working in your website try to make the best website*  web pic 11

So how to search your website in google ?

Type the name of your website like this techbal2.weebly.com then enter your site will be open.*web pic

At the end I wish success for you dear and if you want to give more information please watch the video may be it is clear.

Write bay lutfullah moqadam