How To Free Call  On Mobile ?

There are many way to free calls on mobile to mobile, computer to mobile  example viber, skype or any other.

But now I want to show you how to free call connect computer with mobile in two ways  let’s go to start connection of computer with mobile,


first one with the help of now go to google page then type and click on search, it will be open for you. And do enjoy with your call oic1  OK now the page of call2friens is open, first you must to  type the cod of your friends country that he/she is living there, next type the number of your friend  then click on call call pic2

Ok now asking you do you want to allow your microphone? it is optional to allow or do not allow your microphone, but I want to allow the microphone it is better for call pic 3                          .


The second one is also the same like first one just change the name of this one.

Now how we can free call whit the help of let’s go to start with the this one go to google and search the page will be open for call pic4



Ok the page is open now type the cod of your country’s friend and type his/her number, then click on call option you will be connect with your call pic5

Wow! See now you are connect with your friend. but it is just for two minutes  do enjoy whit your friend.

If you don’t want to connect so click on cancel your connecting will be cancel .free call pic 6

I wish success for you dear and thanks for reading if you want to know clearly pleas  watch the video it is clear.

Type by: lutfullah moqadam