Us you know we can make more then one account in our computer for example Gust account or user account, so how to create a new user?, ok now I want to show you how to create a new user account on windows 10 some time when you have any personal project in your computer you must to create a new account and you must to lock your original account now let’s go to start creating your new account on windows 10.

How To Create a New Account

Control penal

First of all go to start menu then type control penal or(windows + x then p )  next click the user account control penal page will be open.pic1

the control penal page have been open, see now we can change name, picture, or password of original account but I want to make a new account so click on manage another account the next page of user account will be open.pic2

see now you can add a new user in your computer so go to down then click  on Add a New user in PC settingspic3


other users

now the page of other users is open press on add someone else to This PC.pic4

now it will be ask you who’s going to use this PC it means first you must to type your account name next your password then your password  hint and click on next button.pic5

wow! Successfully you have done now your account’s ready, you must to click on your account the next page  will be open.pic6

change account type

see the change account type page is ready, and your new account is standard user now click on ok.pic7

successfully you have done a new account now you can change your password, name or any other changes in your new account.pic8

thanks for reading and I wish success for you dear, if you want to know clearly pleas watch the video. best of luck

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