us you know we have many kinds of virus, same of the peoples are making virus with CMD window, Notepad and any other ways but now I want to show you how to create shutdown virus with the shortcut window, may be it is the easiest way of making shutdown virus. Ok now pleas pay tension how to start making virus.

How To Make Shutdown Virus

So first of all right click on your computer screen and move your muse on new option  then press the shortcut option, the next page, it means the shortcut page will be opened.pic 1

Now the page of shortcut have been open, ok now type shutdown  -s -t 40 –c “windows is shutting down” then click next the shutdown virus will be make.pic 2

Now pleas type your name of the folder, it means type the name of you virus what would you like, for example I want to type net This PC or any other things then click on finish.pic3

The virus have been create and now you must to change your file logo so how you can change? Right click on your file then choose properties the next page will be open and you can change the logo.pic4



So now click on change icon the icons will be open and choose one of them.pic5

Ok that is right now you must select one of them then click on ok and apply next OK, your file logo will be change now the peoples do not have information about it, is it network logo or virus?pic6

ok now click on OK your file icon will be change then wait for a short time.pic 7

If you want to open this file your computer will be shutdown and if you want again turn on your computer then open this file your computer will be turn of again  ok let’s go to test that is right or rung.PIC8
really that is right see the computer is sinned out. you have done successfully do enjoy.

I wish success for you dear and if you want to know clearly pleas watch the video

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