as you know we have a lot of way to share folder, documents, picture, video and any other but home group is the easiest way of sharing some things to other computer .ok now I want to show you how to configure and sharing with the help of Home-group. This is the simplest way of sharing  but it is limited in what permissions and restrictions can be placed on the data shared  By default, all users who join  a home group (and there can be only one home group per network) have read only access

How to Configure Home Group Settings

ok let’s go to start sharing document, file or any picture. First of all go to internet option then give IP address for those computer that you want to share for example If want to share between two computer you must to give IP for each other of the computer next go to go to home group.homegroup

you have been open the network sharing center now though you have internet option an windows firewall but you must select the home group because you want to share some thing.pic2

see the  sharing page with other computer is ready first go to change advanced sharing settings then click on allow windows to manage home group, now come back and  go down then press on create a homegroup  wait for a short time the next page will be open.pic3

ok click on the next button. Now you can share some ting such us printer and file with other computer. The homegroup is protected with password.pic4

ok now choose those files and documents that you want to share with other computer.

Don’t forget you can share just with homegroup member not with each other of the computer. Ok when you choose click on the nextpic5

Now it will be give you a password with the help of this password you can add other computer in your homegroup. If you forget the password or if you want to change the password go to control penal and click on homegroup then you can change on control penal.

Ok now click on finish.  and you have done creating homegroup .pic6

Now go to the next computer it means PC2 then open the network sharing center and  go to homegroup and click on join when you click the join button this page will be open wait for a short time and pest there.pic7

Ok now type the homegroup password of PC1 and click on next. You will be connect with PC1.pic

You have done. now go to This PC (computer) and find the computer you are connected then click on the computer. And fund the file or document that you have been to shared.pic9

See I have been shared one photo in the part of picture. Now this photo is in PC1 and PC2 both the same place now I can use this one .pic

ok now your connect with pc1 computer

I wish success for you dear and if want to know clearly so please watch the video. maybe it is better.

Lutfullah moqadam