It means how we can decoration and secure our computer

As you know we have many ways to create password, change password, lock screen and any others so now I want to show you the easiest way. Ok let’s go to start, first of all open the start menu then go to up and right click on your account and select change account setting when you select the next page will be open.

How To Change Lock Screen, Welcome Window &Password on Windows 10

You can change with the help of control penal as will (windows + x +p) then click on user accounts but start menu is the easiest and short way.pic1

See the account page is ready now choose the first option it means (your account) then go down and press on Brows, when you selected the next page will be open and you must to select a photo then click on choose.pic2

Ok you have done your profile picture now go to sing option see till the time you didn’t had password. Click on add then next page will be open and you must to type your favorite  password

When you have done your password click on the next baton.pic3

The create password page is open, please click on finish you will be done your password.pic4

Ok successfully you have done your password now come down and select the lock screen option the lock screen will open and you should click on Brows then select a photo.pic5

For eximple I want to select this photo for lock screen then click on choose picture and close the window

When you choose the picture please once restart your system. Now check is it right or rung.pic6
See that right.  Noe it is the lock screen of your computer, ok press enter the next page of welcome and profile picture will be open .pic7

See your profile and welcome page is ready now you must to type the password that you selected then enter the screen of your computer will be open.pic8

Successfully you have done and Thanks for reading

I wish success for you if you want to know clearly so watch this video.

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