how to lock our computer USB and CD Room. so why we should lock?

Some time your computer is not save and you have any important project or any personal file in your computer you should bring changes in local computer policy, even though your computer a hard password but it is better for your project and personal file. They peoples those how want to give your file they will not give.

How to Lock Computer USB and CD Room

OK let’s go to start how to lock USB and CD Room whit the help of local computer policy, now first of all go to start menu then type RUN or(Windows + R) and type gpedit.msc next click on ok the page of local computer policy will be open.pic1

Now the local computer page is open and you have three parts in your computer configuration go down and select third it means administrative templates then double click.pic2

See the administrative templates page have been open now go to system then double click on system ok wait for a short time the next page will be open.pic3

Ok go to removable storage it means to save and transfer some things the next page will be open on the right side .pic4

Now go down then find (all removable storage classes deny all access)it means those class we can save or change some things so double click here now wait for a short time.pic5

So now you must to choose the Enabled option it means you want to lock your computer (USB, CD, DVD, Floppy Drive ) or any others then click apply then OK.pic6

When you have done again go to RUN then type ( gpupdate /force )next click on ok now it will be show you successfully option on CMD window .pic 7

Wow! See the policy successfully you have done your USB, CD Rom or any other if you can’t once  restart your computer then connect USB and again check .pic8

OK let’s go to check is it right or no? now connect Flush, CD or DVD it will be open or no? .pic9

Yah really you have successfully done see just the option will come and you can’t open the drive CD Room is also the same like USB it will be open but you can’t right same thing.

At the end I wish success for you and if you want to know clearly please watch the video may be it is better.

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