You can use Event Viewer for more than sorting already logged events on a local computer or creating custom views. When you add the Event Viewer snap-in to an MMC, you can also opt to view other computers’ event logs. As you have likely experienced, though, these logs (whether they are local or on remote computers) are cumbersome because they contain so many entries. When you only want to receive information about specific events from other computers, you create event subscriptions. There are a few terms to know first, though:

Ok with the help of event Viewer you can check security and those programs that you opened for example note pad, paint, office programs and security of your computer such us log in, log out, error or successfully your login system.

Configure Event Viewer

Start menu

Ok let’s go to start configuration of even viewer. First of all go to start menu then type Event Viewer or  go to RUN window then type (Eventvwr) press enter it will be open.event viewer 1

  • Windows logs

You have been open the event viewer program now you have more option in windows logs such-us security, setup, system, application and forward event you can give information about ach every one.

  Application: it give’s information about those programs when you opened and those programs you can’t open. It will be show you which time you have opened and do not open this program.

Security: it is the same like application but it give’s information about log-in or log-out and those time you did not open or automatically your computer’s log off it will show you the error and successfully log-in the system.

Setup: it give’s information about those programs you have install in your system and which time your opened this program.

System: it is also the same like setup and security but it can give more information about the all of computer settings such us warning, error, information …

event viewer 2

ok if you want to add or delete error, information, warning and any other option. so click on filter current log… wait the small page will be open then select that you want next click on ok.event viewer 3


Now if you want to remove some things in side the security, setup or any other option kindly right click the one of them and select ( clean log…) the remove able page will be open see for example I want to remove the system information.event viewer 4


ok if you want to save the information of your computer again right click then go down and select clear log… the next page will be open. ok press on Save and Clear .event viewer

Ok now you must to choose a folder then click on save the security information will be save.event viewer

See you don’t have any information in the security drive. When you clean the security just it gives this information and you will not find  any others.event viewer

Application and service log

It gives more information about your windows power shell, hardware event and those programs you have in your computer such us Microsoft Office.

Now, if you can remove or save any drive it is the same like security and system drive.event viewer

Ok you have done. I wish success for you dear and if you want to know clearly kindly watch the video

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